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I haven’t written much this year. I’ve been, for the most part, too busy trying to keep it together, at least on the surface.  Between work, vomiting, a toddler, and CFS/FMS my time has been spoken for.

Baby number two will soon arrive.

My mother started making herself at home in our tiny spare bedroom; on our particularly uncomfortable futon to begin the wait.

Trent started a new job on Monday. I hyperlinked a book about women returning to the work force after a break, because society hasn’t yet prepared for the fact that men take breaks to take care of children too. I did enjoy a good laugh about this because a google search did recommend a book called Returning to Work After a Brain Injury, when I tried to find a male oriented return to work book. 2016 still isn’t ready for the stay at home dad – the stay at home dad is just too awesome to fully comprehend. For inquiring minds: Trent took a part time position with Vue Weekly as a staff writer.

Society is also not ready for the child baring partner to be the primary income source.  We are extraordinarily lucky to have maternity leave and EI benefits in Canada; but the maximum allocation amounts are meant for those with a supplementary income, not those that are the primary household income  providers.  I’ll rant on that another day, likely when I start dipping into our savings account.

Monday was the first day of my 8 month scheduled maternity leave.

I can count the number of times I’ve been out of the house in the evening for a non work social activity over the last 34 weeks on one hand.

My husband suggested today that I spout only negativity in the morning. Negativity is a mater of perspective. I like to think I start each day with a challenge. That I look at yesterday, and devise a plan to make today better. I think you’d have to be as motivated by hurdling over the bar as I am, to truly understand this as me exuding positivity.

If The Undad is at work, then I’m truly going to be Mrs Undad for the duration of my leave.

We took Valdy to Toys ‘R Us today to find a “congratulations you’re a big brother” gift. We bought him a Mega Train World Set.  We’ll split it up, so that it can double as a Christmas present too. We told him it’s for Grandpa.  At first he was VERY (read epic tantrum) disappointed, but then he remembered that Grandpa likes trains too, AND Grandpa will likely share his trains.

Successful parenting seems to be built on a solid foundation of white lies.  “Why yes that is chicken,” pointing to the cheese he’s refused to eat for the last several weeks.

A couple of months ago now, Valdy lay with his head on my belly talking to the baby. The baby kicked, hard, hard enough that Valdy’s head jerked up in shock. He looked at me stunned. I smiled “did the baby kick you?” Valdy cocked his head to the side inquisitively, and then quickly rushed to his feet.  As he wound his right leg back, I realized the error in my ways.  I grabbed his right leg, and said “NOOOOO, you can’t kick the baby back.”

Let the adventure begin. 

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