The Moments – Mommy Sandwich

With the arrival of big brother’s little sister, I’ve entered into the magically exhausting world of tandem nursing.  Initially, I had intended to continue to nurse our son, in the morning or before bed, as had become our routine around his second birthday; but that fell apart soon after the littlest arrived.

My son was very aware that attention was shifting away from his previously exclusive hold, and during the first few weeks after we welcomed his little sister, he wanted everything she had, including mommy’s milk.

At first Trent and I resisted.  We tried to distract him. We tried explaining to him how special and grown up he was, that he could have big boy food, and his sister could only have milk.  I pleaded with him to have a glass of milk from the refrigerator.  I bribed him with smoothies, but in the end, I find myself tandem nursing a toddler and a newborn.

My son wraps his arms around my waist, cuddles close, has a bit of mommy’s milk, and radiates joy.  Mommy loves him.  Mommy loves HIM.  This time in our lives is just a blip on the radar, and if he’d like to have mommy’s milk for a little longer we’re going to count ourselves lucky for being able to provide this for him.

When the kiddo is nursing he likes to fiddle with everything and anything.  He’s particularly fascinated by the excess skin on my midriff.  Mommy’s belly button doesn’t look like anyone else’s anymore; and he can grab a whole bunch of skin in his little fist and jiggle and wiggle it.

Last week he grabbed a handful of my mommy tummy and folded it up and onto itself. He stopped nursing just long enough to look up at me with a huge grin “it’s a mommy sandwich.”

The mommy sandwich, the quintessential delight available at most conveniently located, 24 hour,  postpartum dairy providers.


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