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The Art of Together

My husband and I are still learning to be a couple.

My husband, the kids and I are still learning to be a family.

My husband is an exceptional dad.

I am a kick ass mom.

Alone we are invincible, together we can be tumultuous.

My husband is an extroverted introvert.  He thrives alone. He copes with groups by taking control, grabbing the reigns, drawing on humor and making himself the centre of attention. It is in the quiet of alone that he becomes most rejuvenated and builds a reserve of resilience to carry him another day.

I’m an introverted extrovert.  I thrive around other people but prefer that attention not be directed at me.  My energy comes in experiencing the vibrancy and joy of others, quietly at the sidelines.


My husband and I both try our very best to set aside our personal preferences for social constructs to expose our children to the best of everything.  Each week we plan activities, venture out, and explore the world with the kids.  I scour blogs,  news media, and friends’ social media feeds looking for fun activities that the kids will enjoy and that my husband and I will both walk away from feeling like we have gained more than we have lost.


Even when one or the other of us are resistant to a planned activity, we both do our best to say YES and jump in with both feet.

This year we purchased Edmonton Attraction Passes and have found ourselves attending a multitude of fun events.  Both of our Instagram feeds are filled with wonderful family adventures and our Chatbooks are arriving filled with cherished family members.

Over the last 11 months I have found myself increasingly cradled in the warmest of cocoons lovingly weaved by my family and when I stumble on an activity that I think will quench my families appetite for togetherness and memories, I practically vibrate until Trent agrees.20247978_10155013361286429_3491740168585127828_o

This week’s event for consideration is one that could feed a young family’s appetite for fun while giving back to the community.

On September 8, there’s a chalk-a-thon happening in St. Albert starting at 5:30 pm in support of St. Albert Amplify Festival. Their goal is to cover 500 meters of St. Albert’s Red Willow Trail System with artwork. They’re hoping people will collect pledges to participate, but that hasn’t frightened me away because families can get involved with only a minimum $20 pledge.  I think it sounds like a lot of fun and just the thing my little Bean would love.

21441555_10159648815085157_335551479_oThe money goes directly to sustaining Amplify, an arts and culture festival designed for youth Grade 7 to age 21. Any funds raised for the Festival will support workshops, events, and infrastructure needed to produce the event. How cool is that? We can have fun as a family, do something the kids would love, AND support an awesome youth arts event.

The event is in association with St. Albert’s Canada 150 Block Party so there will be plenty to keep everyone amused!  Have I convinced you? Good.  Now to start working on my husband. 

If you want to join us, you can register your family HERE!  Hope to see you on Friday!






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