30 day blog challenge

Legitimate Fears

Blog challenge #2. Share 3 legitimate fears.

#1: Hormone monsters.

After 18 months of battling the evil post partum depression monster, I can safely say one of my legitimate fears is how quickly and stealthily hormones can tip the balance and how much work it can take to re-establish a norm.

#2 Boogie Persons

I am fearful of pretty much anything that could harm my children. Illness, poverty, predators, vehicles, unsecured furniture, stoves, knives, scissors, hornets, UFOs, etc.

#3 Financial Ruin

I have a great job. We have one primary income in our house. We also have two houses, two cars, two kids and loads of debt associated with our new home. We bought below market value and built up a ton of sweat equity, but I still lose sleep each and every time our mint account notifies me that we are over budget again. I fear catastrophic failure of any infrastructure associated with either of our properties having once lived in a home with a faulty foundation. I fear not being able to feed my children and keep a roof over our heads. My husband reassures me, we will always have each other and the rest of it is just stuff.

#4 bonus fear.

I fear my daily motivation to move my exhausted and pain riddled body will deplete and I will wake up one day only to roll over and fall back to sleep again. I fear sleeping in and staying up late because disrupting the routine means sacrificing comfort and motivation to move forward.


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