8.2 The Moments – Mommy Sandwich

With the arrival of big brother’s little sister, I’ve entered into the magically exhausting world of tandem nursing.  Initially, I had intended to continue to nurse our son, in the morning or before bed, as had become our routine around his second birthday; but that fell apart soon after the littlest arrived. My son was… Continue reading 8.2 The Moments – Mommy Sandwich

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Chapter 8.1-The Moments – Intro

Our little boy keeps us in stitches daily.  His curiosity is insatiable and his perspective on the world around him is doused in wonderful, wonderful, innocence. I look forward to more stories from my little boy and wonder what kind of insight his sister will share with us someday. A few months ago my son became… Continue reading Chapter 8.1-The Moments – Intro

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Chapter 10.1 The fun: EIA, Shopping Extravaganza

When my husband first started his Daddy blog I was thrilled at the potential that he would receive invitations to attend great community events, try kid targeted products, and expand his freelance network.  I had hoped this would help supplement our income, make the blog more viable over time, and introduce our Bean to some wicked… Continue reading Chapter 10.1 The fun: EIA, Shopping Extravaganza

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I haven’t written much this year. I’ve been, for the most part, too busy trying to keep it together, at least on the surface.  Between work, vomiting, a toddler, and CFS/FMS my time has been spoken for. Baby number two will soon arrive. My mother started making herself at home in our tiny spare bedroom;… Continue reading Teaser

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Friggin’ Toilets

This may come as a surprise to you, but The Undad and I fight.  I know, I know, I recently wrote about how he’s been working on becoming my perfect partner, but the reality is we fight.  He’s human. I’m human.  He has expectations.  I have unrealistic expectations.  He’s a weirdo.  I’m, well, an over… Continue reading Friggin’ Toilets