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How to Drive Your Woman Wild

I’m not embarrassed to admit that finding ourselves pregnant nine months after getting married pretty much brought our honeymoon lifestyle to a screeching stop.  Between gaining 76 lbs with my pregnancy, 8 months of morning (all day) sickness, 2 months of pregnancy related hives, postpartum liver deficiency,  the unbelievable stress/expense of taking four months of… Continue reading How to Drive Your Woman Wild

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Why I Love my Husband Enough to Embrace Dingy Whites

Laundry is tough. It takes time and effort. It’s necessary, but often a struggle. It seems endless and limiting, but the joy of freshly laundered sheets or pajamas is incomparable. Relationships are equally tough. They are filled with drama and strife.  Often we feel the other is insane.  She wants what? He won’t do what?… Continue reading Why I Love my Husband Enough to Embrace Dingy Whites

Trent and I

Introducing Mrs. Undad

This is the Cole’s Notes’ version of The Undad and me. Trent Wilkie and I met in fall 2011.  Trent had been contracted to write a story for Theatre Alberta’s All Stages Magazine about theatres, outside of the Calgary/Edmonton bubble, that were doing interesting things.  On twitter Trent asked for recommendations, and I sent him a message… Continue reading Introducing Mrs. Undad